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Best Facebook Hacking Tool - 100% Facebook Hacking


Facebook Hacking Tool

Facebook Hacking Tool

There are a lot of tools online for Facebook hacking, but some are in working phase and most of the fake tools are uploaded on internet. Facebook hacking is not an easy task, even if you're using any Facebook hacking tool.

I receive a lot of comments on my YouTube channel about Hacking Facebook or Instagram accounts. So I decide to publish content on social media hacking. If you're an interested in Ethical hacking, then you may have heard about GitHub. 

GitHub is the only place where you get some tools to perform any type of attack. Some tools for Kali Linux and the most is Termux app. I'm going to tell you about Facebook hacking tools in termux app. So you can easily perform this attack in your android mobile.

There are two types of attacks that can be performed to hack social media accounts. Phishing Attack is the most powerful attack and the second one is brute force attack. Both of these attack can be performed on Kali Linux and termux app for android users.

Phishing Attack:

I already explain about this attack in my recent article on Best Phishing tools for Termux and Linux. But in this article I gave you some unique tool for phishing attack. We use zphisher tool to perform this attack in termux. This tool has been updated, and the tool owner officially launched 2.0 beta version of this tool.

In the new version, we see a lot of changes in the tool area and template area. We should use cloud flare instead of ngrok. You just need to copy the tool commands step by step and paste in your termux terminal.

You know why I said this is the most powerful attack because The victim does not understand that he himself is giving his information to you. The phishing tools create the fake interface of official websites like Facebook, Instagram, Even you can Hack Bitcoin wallet using this attack, that's why this is the most advance Facebook hacking tool.

Please use these commands to install this tool in your termux app without any error, but if face any error then feel free to ask me question on my Instagram @masimtech.


  • $ apt update 
  • $ apt upgrade
  • $ pkg install git
  • $ pkg install php curl openssh -y
  • $ git clone https://github.com/htr-tech/zphisher
  • $ ls
  • $ cd zphisher
  • $ bash zphisher.sh

Ignore the dollar sign, I just create the whole interface of termux app. Let me explain you a little bit about commands. The 1st command for apt update is used to update all the apt packages and the 2nd command is used to upgrade every single package and repositories.

In 3rd and 4rth step, we need to install some important packages to install this tool. All the packages are significant, specially git package. This package is used to clone everything from the internet.

And the last, we put git clone command for cloning the Facebook hacking tool in termux. This command clone the zphisher tool in termux. Use cd command for change directory and run the tool by putting the last command. One more thing, using this attack you can Hack a WhatsApp account in one click.

The next process is explaining in the practical video. Click on the below button to watch the practical video of Facebook hacking using phishing attack.

Practical Video1

Practical Video2

The phishing attack video is divided in two parts. I add all the installation process in the first practical video and all the link management part is added in the 2nd practical video.

Brute Force Attack:

I also add brute force tool in the Facebook hacking tools. Because this attack is also powerful if you have strong information about your victim. Cant understand? Let me explain you a little more. 

This attack can be performed using the victim information. We collect data from the victim's social handles and make a password list, then we apply this list on any social account to get access into this account. Most people have passwords that are easy to remember.

Recent Posts: 

This word list helps you to perform this Facebook hacking attack. When you make a password list, then install this Bruteforcenew tool. This tool is coded in python language and worked on both Kali Linux and termux app. Use the below commands and install this tool in your termux.


  • $ apt update
  • $ apt upgrade
  • $ pkg install git
  • $ pkg install python python2
  • $ git clone https://github.com/FR13ND8/BRUTEFORCEnew
  • $ ls
  • $ pip install requests
  • $ pip2 install requests
  • $ pip2 install mechanize
  • $ ls
  • $ sh new.sh

Please do not copy the dollar ($) sign, I just create the termux interface to explain you. Copy these commands and hit the enter button. So your tool will be installed successfully. When you run this tool, you have to add your word list to run this tool. 

If you don't have ant password list, then go on Google and search for password list and download it. Rocky4u is the most famous common base password list. At the last if you want to download or watch practical video then click on the below button to watch.