Can Bitcoin Be Hacked? 100% Working Method


bitcoin hacking

Bitcoin Hacking

If you're searching bitcoin hacking on Google, then you see a lot of result about questioning like can we hack crypto and binance etc. But no one is talking about the real method of bitcoin hacking.

Yes, I know blockchain is too secure and transfer fund from one wallet to another in the form of digital currency. But, what about if we hack someone wallet email or password, so we can easily transfer fund from any wallet to our blockchain wallet.

If you're looking for the answer of can bitcoin be hacked then I said yes, Bitcoin can be hacked if we hack someone bitcoin wallet. I have some tricks that can be executed on your android mobile. We need an app from play store. Just go and search for termux app.

Termux is the only app that can help us to perform this attack. Using termux app, we can Hack WhatsApp account easily. We perform phishing attack on someone account to hack bitcoin wallet. We need to install this tool in termux and then start the attack.

The tool name is Dark-Phish. This tool is coded in python language and provide us a phishing interface, so we can easily scam to anyone. I explain everything to you because this tool is not only used for bitcoin hacking, there are a lot of other options like social media hacking etc.

But our main focus is bitcoin hacking, so we use the bitcoin fake template. But you can understand other things by watching my practical video. Yes, If you're my subscriber then I upload a practical video on YouTube channel MR ALDARDO. If you're new, then search it on YT.

Dark-Fly is one of the best phishing tool that can be used to create phishing templates. All the phishing tool need ngrok to host phishing link online. Let's talk about how to install and use this tool in termux and how this tool help us in bitcoin hacking.

After installation of termux app, you can copy the bellow commands one by one and paste in the termux terminal and hit the enter button. Do not copy $ sign because it is already add by default.


  • $ apt update
  • $ apt upgrade
  • $ apt install python3
  • $ apt install curl
  • $ apt install php
  • $ apt install git
  • $ git clone
  • $ pip3 install requests
  • $ pip3 install wget
  • $ cd Dark-Phish
  • $ python3

Let me explain every single command for you. Our fosrt command is used to update all packages in termux and the second command is used to upgrade, after this command termux upgrade every package to new updated form.

After this command put the net command of pkg installations. These command is used to install all packages. When you type pkg install, then put the package name and your package will be installed automatically. Termux user must try Ghost Track Tool to gather phone information.

We require almost 4 packages to install this tool. All the packages you can see in the above commands section and copy all the package command one by one and paste it on the termux terminal. Maybe some people face issue in Chrome browser so must check how to fix back to safety error in Chrome.

I hope you understand how to install this tool in termux. Now how to run this tool for bitcoin hacking, this is the main question! When you put the last command, this tool executes, and you see a lot of options for different social media accounts. But you have to select bitcoin hacking.

Watch Practical Video👇

If you look carefully, then you see bitcoin hacking option at 24. Just type 24 and tap on enter button. After some time, this tool generates a ngrok link for your victim. If the ngrok link is not generated, make sure to enable your mobile hotspot before generating the link.

Copy the generated link and send it to your victim. Ngrok links can be shared on internet and everyone can access these links. When your victim opens the link and submitted their information, all the putted information is directly showed on your termux terminal. Phishing is totally scamming, so if you're interested in phishing then must try 69phisher tool in termux.

This is how bitcoin hacking is to work in general. Phishing is the most powerful attack if the attack performed well and at the time. Just collect information about your victim and perform this attack at any time.

Remember one thing, when you send the ngrok link to your victim, then never close the termux app. If you close your termux app, then may your link expire and link is not open in the victim's phone. Just click on the below button to watch a practical video.

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