How to Track Location On Android - Termux Tutorial


How to Track Location On Android

How to Track Location On Android

Location tracking is not real if you are searching on internet because I saw a lot of fake websites that can provide the exact location of any users with victims IP address. But I don't thing online websites provide the actual and accurate location of any user.

But I have the real tool that can help you to track location on android. Yes you can use this tool on your android mobile and this is one of the best tool for location tracking. We just need an application, and then we install a GitHub tool in it and then generate phishing link for our victim and when our victim click on the link we saw his live location on Google map.

Phishing is the most powerful attack, using this attack we can Hack any Facebook account easily. First, we require termux app to install this tool. Just go to Google play store and search for termux app. After installation, follow the bellow commands to install this tool in termux.

I know many people not understand my video on YouTube, that's why I try to write some content in simple English words, so everyone can understand my content and learn from it. I have some commands for this tool that can help you to track exact location of your victim.

Let's discuss these commands to track location on android. When you put the first command of apt update then all the packages in the termux has been updated and after the upgrade command new upgraded packages are updated. Well if we're talking about the location tracking then must try this tool to track number.

Next step is important packages for this tool. Every GitHub tool required some packages to install tools in termux and Kali Linux. So we can install it by putting the second command. After that, we use cd command to change directory. Maybe some people face issue in Chrome browser so must check how to fix back to safety error in Chrome.

When we move to the tool directory, type the next command of bash this command automatically install all the requirements of this tool. This tool is coded in python language, so we can install the python2 package to execute this tool.

Maybe you think how this phishing attack give you the exact location of your victim. So I just confirmed that phishing tool can hack bitcoin wallet easily and a lot of hackers performed this attack to get critical information from users. Due to YouTube polices, I can't upload complete video on YouTube. So I published the practical part of my video on this website.

When you put the last command this tool shows new interface then you have to select any one option to generate phishing link. I think seeker is the most advanced phishing tool to track location on android.

You have to select the Google Drive option, then ngrok generate a new link for your victim. Ngrok links can share on all over the internet. So when the victim click on the link, the ngrok link asks him to allow location when he clicks on allow button, termux gave you the link location URL of this person.

This is how this tool work in termux. This tool can also be used to Kali Linux. I hope this article helps to find or track someone location using android mobile. If you have any question then contact me on Instagram @masimtech. And if you want to watch practical video of this tool, then click on the bellow practical video button.

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