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 Increasing Instagram followers is not an easy task. But if you're pen-tester and know how to use termux app, then this is too easy to Instagram followers using termux. When I'm talking about termux, people think maybe this tool provides us fake followers, but it's not true.

When you start using this tool, this tool automatically follows some users and to unfollow it. This action provide you more follower because not only Instagram but Twitter also have this bug. The platform think you're new, and some users can automatically follow your account.

Every platform try that a user can spend most of his time on these platforms. But if the user is new on these platform he doesn't have any photo or post to see or scroll then may he leave. That's why these platform automatically followed you.

So this is the actual reason how this tool help you to increase Instagram followers using termux. We can manually do this, but it is so time-consuming process, so we use a termux tool that can help us to do this job for us. First, talk about installation of this tool.

We need termux app. If you don't know what is termux and how to use it, then learn from termux official website. I gave you some commands, and you just copied these commands and paste it in the termux terminal. 

Increase Instagram Followers Using Termux

This tool has one or more features that can help you to manage your Instagram account. If you follow some users in large amount, then this is not possible to unfollow everyone by hand. But this tool helps you to unfollow all the users in just one click. You can also try this tool for phone number tracking.


  • $ apt update && upgrade
  • $ pkg install git -y
  • $ git clone
  • $ ls
  • $ cd inshackle-bot
  • $ ls
  • $ chmod +x *
  • $ pkg install openssl-tool
  • $ bash

Termux app can also help us to track exact location of any person. I’m going to mention some details about the above commands. First, when you put apt update and upgrade command, this command helps you to apt or upgrade all the packages in your termux app. 

Whenever you open the termux app after 2-3 days, must update and upgrade all the packages. We don't need any extra packages to install, just put the pkg install git command to install this main package that can help us to clone tool in the termux app. As I explained in my recent article on how to hack WhatsApp account, we don't need to install this package every time. Just once you install it then go for further tool installation.

One more thing, some people send screenshot of different error on my Instagram account. And they all are doing the same mistake. So please if I said copy and paste all the above commands mean only copy commands, not $ sign. I use this dollar sign to create interface like termux app. 

Next command is git clone and at the last of this command we put the tool link, This actions helps termux to clone the tool from GitHub. Remember one, this must install openssh-tool package to run this tool without any error. May you face some errors in this tool, but after this package everything work properly.

When you put the last command to increase Instagram followers in termux then your Instagram tool will be executed, and you see a new interface of this tool. You have almost 4-5 option, but we need only option 2 and that is increase followers.

After putting 2 and hit the enter button, this tool required your Instagram account login. Don't worry, everything is safe while using this tool. Put your account username and password. When you put your Instagram password, maybe your password is hide for some security reasons. 

After logging in to your account, this tool starts to send Instagram followers to your account. This process take some time and your followers increase in a few minutes. But if you think this tool is not working in your phone and your followers are not increasing then must watch this video for second method.

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