3.0 No Recoil File For PUBG | 100% Working

3.0 No Recoil File For PUBG

3.0 No Recoil File For PUBG

Dear PUBG Mobile player as we know PUBG new update has been launched and everyone searched on Google to find latest 3.0 no recoil file for PUBG. But only my website provide you the latest and working files for PUBG Mobile.

In this update, PUBG release a lot of new features. Last time sand man update is really amazing and now everyone wants something new so PUBG mobile give you some Halloween feature that you can use in game. We discuss every new update on this website.

But if you think this website only provide hacking content and why I'm writing article on PUBG mobile. So this article is not on PUBG mobile updates and other things. Actually, I provide PUBG mobile no recoil config 3.0 that can help you to control recoil in game.

My website is about hacking where you can learn about how to hack Facebook account and how to trace someone location just using android mobile. Go home and explore my website for more hacking information with practical videos.

Let's talk about this 3.0 no recoil file for PUBG. This file is 100% anti-ban, so you can use this file on your main account. But must apply all the given steps to apply this file. This file is working in all android versions. 

Apply Process:

  • Open Android Folder.
  • Go to obb Folder.
  • Open com.tencent.ig Folder.
  • Paste Copied File.

If you already use the file in previous update, then you already know how to apply this file. But I can explain a little more for you. When you download this 3.0 no recoil file for PUBG, then go to download folder because every download file will be saved in download folder.

When you open the download folder, click on the config folder and extract this folder. If you don't know how to extract it, then go to play store and download ZArchiver app for file extractor.

When you extract the file, you see an obb file, and you have to copy it. And go to the android folder and then open data folderin your mobile.

after opening the data folder, then go to com.tencent.ig folder. Now you have to paste the obb file here. There is no error or crash issue with this file.

After this, restart your device and open PUBG Mobile game your no recoil for PUBG has been applied, and you can enjoy no recoil on every gun. If you play PUBG Mobile Lite, then must try High Damage File for PUBG lite.


Please do not use this file if you spend money on your PUBG ID to purchase royal pass or upgrade items. This file is anti-ban, but PUBG security is also strong to monitor suspicious account. For example, if enemy spectate you and see your activity, then maybe he reports your account.

Follow my suggestion to use this file carefully. Do not use this file on AKM and machine guns. This file work on both 64 and 32 bit devices. As we know, PUBG re-start some old updates in new 3.0 version, so we can use rocket launcher to travel from one to another place. 

3.0 No Recoil File For PUBG

This file is not password protected. When you click on the extract button, there is no password on this file. Just click and extract this folder. This file is only for no recoil, but if you play free fire then must-try our new Free Fire auto headshot & Aim lock config.

PUBG Mobile 3.0 Update officially announce the new event of martial showdown. This theme is inspired from Chinese culture. This theme is availible in both livik and Erangel map. You can enjoy 3.0 no recoil file for PUBG in both maps.

If you think after applying this file you can enjoy no smog or high damage, then you're wrong. I did not add any other hack in this file. After applying this file, you can only use no recoil with shake. Click on the below download button to get this file.

What's new in PUBG?

(After the new update, we can see many changes in this 3.0 version. Last event was perfect, but after some time, player get bored. And this is something new from PUBG. Now this time we don't know about this update, is it collaboration with any game or something.

But in this update, we can see a brand-new theme mode of frozen kingdom in PUBG mobile. And I really hope this update is comfortable with ban pan security because we are going to make 3.0 no recoil file for PUBG and if the security is fast and securer than we did nothing with the files.

In WOW mode, PUBG mobile add a new hide-and-seek gameplay and snowy themed areas. And if I talk about the classic, then custom garage is now availible to choose any vehicle you want.

Also, we can see new royal pass with the old series and the RP from 1 to 100. The name of this series is Ace1. Ace one royal cost is 720 UC. I know the 50 RP pass is better, but this royal pass have many awesome rewards for us.

I just want to mention some new things in this update. Furthermore, I know this is out of context, we are here to discuss 3.0 no recoil file for PUBG, but this is very important to know what's new in 3.0. Also, I have some special thing for you. I know you like hacking, then must read about Hack any PUBG & BGMI Account.

First thing, the character style to stand in lobby is totally change. It looks like girls pose and we never change it. Also, PUBG introduce new maps and mods. When you click on the map section and see a new option of WOW category. If you're BGMI player, then must try BGMI No Recoil File.

This mode look like arena, so here you can select almost 20 different maps to play. I think this is the best step from PUBG. many people are bored and use too with old features, but this is something new for us.

In the recent update NUSA map is added in unranked but in the new update it shifts in to the ranked area. Mean that you can play Nusa map for rank push. Livik and Erangel maps are the same, but a new event is coming, and the event name is Imagiversary.

I mention again 3.0 no recoil file for PUBG is work in the new update. Don't worry about the updates, I'm the only one who can make mode files and update it on this website more quickly.

I can update more details about this PUBG mobile update. This update is officially released on 19 May, so we have to wait for the official release. As soon as the update will be release, I can update all the PUBG mobile 3.0 no recoil files on this website.
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