Best Phishing Tools For KaLi Linux & Termux


Best Phishing Tools For KaLi Linux

Best Phishing Tools For Kali Linux

I wrote a lot of content on hacking and pentesting, using your laptop and now people ask for android hacking, So here is the best phishing tool for termux. As you know, termux is the only app that can help you to get access in to any account.

First, you have to download termux app from the play store. But if you face any issue to update and upgrade termux app, you have to download termux app from F-droid. F-Droid is the only website that can provide you updated apps.

My website provide you practical content, means that if you're not understood how to install or use the tool then you can watch my practical video for the better understanding. Check out the bellow commands and paste it in your termux terminal step by step.


  • $ apt update
  • $ apt upgrade
  • $ pkg install git
  • $ pkg install python
  • $ pkg install python2
  • $ pkg install php
  • $ git clone
  • $ cd PyPhisher
  • $ pip3 install -r requirements.txt
  • $ python3

If we are talking about the best phishing tool for termux, then pyphish is the only tool that can help you to perform phishing attack. This is the most advanced tool ever that can generate a working victim link for a phishing attack.

Let's discuss the above commands. Our first command is apt update and upgrade, this command helps you to update or upgrade your termux app. And after updating your all termux packages install properly.

Git is the most important package that can help you to clone any directory or project in the termux or Kali Linux. But the command for Kali Linux is different. After the installation of this pkg we can go for git clone. If you're interested in hacking, then must read about how to hack Facebook account.

This tool is coded in python language, and we must need to install python package to run this tool in termux. First we have to put command pkg install python then may termux ask you for permission then enter y and the installation of python is successful.

After that put the command for python2 pkg this command is significant to install all compressed files in pyphish tool. Not all tools but best phishing tools for termux are need to get php permission, So just type the next command of pkg install php. Maybe some people face issue in Chrome browser so must check how to fix back to safety error in Chrome.

These commands are the most useful and significant, but if you want to watch practical video, then click on the blow button and download to watch how this tool is actual work in termux.

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