Hack Free Fire Account Using Termux - Latest Tool 2024


Hack Free Fire Account Using Termux

Hack Free Fire Account Using Termux

Another topic on hacking, but this is something new for my subscribers. I try my best to provide free tools and hacks that can helps you to get access to someone accounts. I’m not a hacker, but I always try to find the best GitHub tools and test them for you.

People are commenting on my previous free fire video and ask for tool key. When I checked that tool, that tool doesn't work properly and ask for key again and again. So here is something advance and latest for you. Termux is the only app that can help you to hack any Facebook account.

I have a new tool for you to hack free fire account using termux app. You have to install this tool in your termux app and run this tool to generate a phishing link and send this link to your victim. 

The process is very similar to other phishing tools. When your victim click on the link and submit his information, then all the submitted information shows on your termux terminal. But remember one thing, make sure your victim is online when you send the link because after some time your phishing link may expire, and you have to generate a new one.

Use the below commands step by step and install this tool in termux. Do not try to put these commands manually, just copy and paste it in your termux terminal. If you're a Free Fire Player, then must check out our new Free Fire Auto Headshot & Aim Lock File.


  • apt update
  • apt upgrade
  • pkg install git
  • pkg install python
  • pkg install python3
  • git clone https://github.com/KasRoudra/MaxPhisher
  • cd MaxPhisher
  • python3 maxphisher.py

Max phisher is one of the best tool for phishing attack. This tool is coded in python language and execute with python3. But I already cover these things in my Instagram hacking post, So now we just talk about how this tool is useful in free fire hacking.

First you have to download termux app from f-froid. And then put these commands in termux. When you put the last command, python3 maxphisher.py, this tool start to load every required package and permissions. You have to wait until everything is completed. Maybe some people face issue in Chrome browser so must check how to fix back to safety error in Chrome. 

When the loading is fully completed, you can see a lot of phishing templates, but you have to select no 1 to select login templates. And then all login templates appears in front of you. Now type 34 and hit the enter button to create phishing link for hack free fire account using termux.

Enable your mobile hotspot to generate ngrok link. I personally suggest you to use cloud flare link instead of ngrok. Sometime ngrok not work properly in Chrome browser and show warning to the victim. That's why use cloud flare link and if you want to customize it, this is better than simple link.

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