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Report Instagram Account Using Termux

Report Instagram Account Using Termux

If you're looking for mass Instagram reporting tool, then this tool can help you a lot to report any Instagram account. Just put the username of any account and start the attack. The tool automatically send reports until the account get banned.

We can report Instagram account using termux. If you already download it, then check out the command section to start the process of installing this tool. Termux is the only tool that can help you to increase Instagram followers as well. There is no other apps and website helps you to report Instagram accounts.

This tool is coded in python language, so maybe you face some error during the installation of this tool, But if you follow my commands then you have to install this tool successfully in your termux. My website is the best source for hacking and termux commands. I try my best to cover each and every tool. 

Termux is the powerful OS that can help you to hack Facebook account by installing the phishing tools. Not at all, but some attacks are smoothly performed in termux app. I received many comments about termux, everyone need the best phishing tools for termux and I upload many videos on this type of topics on my YouTube channel.

So what you need to use this tool for Instagram reporting. Just some commands! That's it. Copy the bellow commands and paste it in your termux terminal one by one.


  • $ apt update
  • $ apt upgrade
  • $ pkg install git
  • $ pkg install python -y
  • $ pkg install python2
  • $ git clone
  • $ cd InstaReport
  • $ ls
  • $ pip install -r requirements.txt
  • $ pip install colorama
  • $ pip install requests
  • $ python

So this is the basic commands that you need to install. This tool helps you to report Instagram account using termux app. GitHub's tools are most advanced because you can hack any bitcoin wallet just using this type of tools in termux app.

Unlock Key:

This tool is password protected by owner. You will need a password to use this tool and the password for this tool is> @hackerexploits

Starting commands are very basic and if you subscribe to me on YouTube then you already know about these commands. I think thousands of times, I explained why we need to put apt update and upgrade command when you open the termux app.

But we can see some new packages and commands for installation of this tool. When you successfully clone this tool in your termux then change directory by putting cd command. After this command, type ls to see other files and setup files in your tool.

This tool has some requirements for installation. So put pip install -r requirements.txt, this command helps you to install all the basic requirements of this tool. And at the last request and colorama is the most important pips for this tool. If you're not installed it otherwise, this tool is not work in your termux.

If you're my subscriber on YouTube, then you know I always review termux tool and then make a practical video for my subscribers. So you can watch the practical video by click on the practical button. 


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