What Is The Most Important Activity in System Hacking


What Is The Most Important Activity in System Hacking

What Is The Most Important Activity in System Hacking

There are 5 basic phases in system hacking, We discuss every single phase in details. System hacking is not only PC or laptop hacking that we can perform in Kali Linux etc.

Termux is the normal app for android users, but we also use this app to perform different attacks to hack any Facebook account or other social media account. This app can also help us to collect victim information by installing some GitHub tool in it.

A hacker has to follow these 5 steps to proceed any hacking attack and here is answer about the most important activity in system hacking.

  • Reconnaissance
  • Scanning
  • Gaining Access
  • Maintain Access
  • Clearing Tracks

1: Reconnaissance

Reconnaissance is known as footprinting.  In this phase, hacker collect information about victim. Hacker collect information from social media and other platforms to perform attack. There are two types of footprinting. 

  1. Active Footprinting
  2. Passive Footprinting

Active Footprinting

In active footprinting, hacker collect information direct from the target. For example, interacting with victim using Nmap tool to scan information.

Passive Footprinting

In passive footprinting, hacker collect information without direct accessing. Maybe he collect information from any website or social media accounts. So this type of footprinting called passive footprinting.

2: Scanning

Three type of scanning are involved in this phase:

Port Scanning:

In this phase, hacker try to track the port information of the target. This phase involves to scan the target information from live systems, open ports and running various services on the host.

Vulnerability scanning:

In this phase, hacker use some online tools to exploit the vulnerability of your system. In android, we use some phishing tool to get IP address of our victim. These automated tools help us find the weakness of our routers and systems as well.

3: Gaining Access

The most important phase for a hacker to break the router or system security using various tools or methods. When hacker crack and enter into any system, he installs some malicious app or software programs in your system, so he can easily change or modify data.

4: Maintaining Access

When hackers crack any system security, they use some tools like trojan to maintain access to any system. There is no specific time for how long this attack will be performed. As long as the hacker does not get the relevant information, he can continue the attack.

5: Clearing Track

Most hackers keep their identity hidden, they don't want people to know about them. So every intelligent hacker clear his evidence. He deletes every single details of the target, And restores the system exactly as it was before.

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