Fix Error unable to locate package in Termux


Unable to locate package in Termux

Unable to locate package in Termux

If you're a termux user, then may you face this issue when you put command to install any package in termux. I saw a lot of comments on my recent video regarding this issue.

Today, we fix unable to locate package in termux by removing the original termux. How? Let me explain you! If you download termux app from play store then 99.99% chance of having this issue in termux. 

When I face this type of error in my termux then I search for it and realize play store termux is not up-to-date. And we need only updated app for better experience and installation. Here is the list of all the errors that we see in the play store termux.

As we know, termux is the only android base application that help us to Hack WhatsApp account and more hacking attacks we can do with this app.


  • Unable to locate package
  • Repository under maintenance
  • apt update not work

If you face any error from the above list then you have to change your termux app. Just click on the below button to download f-droid app. This app is same like play store and the search for termux app.

When you click on the download button. A link redirect you to the f-droid original website. You have to scroll down the page and click on the Download F-Droid button, downloading is automatically start and after some time f-droid app is installed in your mobile.

Open the f-droid app and wait for downloading all the required pancakes to install this app fully in your mobile. Once your loading is complete in notification bar, then open f-droid app and search for termux to fix unable to locate package.

Make sure to download termux terminal from f-froid. Click on the download button to install termux in your phone. After downloading, maybe the app ask for permission, so go to setting and enable setting to install this app. This app is the best source to hack anyone Facebook account.

When you install the termux app, then remove f-droid from your mobile, we don't need it any more. Open your latest termux app and type apt update command and then put apt upgrade command, and you can see everything is working properly. 

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