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Before jump on best pentesting tools, we need to know, what is pentesting? Penetration testing is the most famous in hacking, but also known as pen-testing. Pentesting is the hacking attack against your computer system or your computer security. 

These are the techniques that can be used to find vulnerabilities in any system or network. Ethical hackers used this type of tool to find a bug in any system and fix it. So many companies heir them on job and secure user's data from the hackers. Nowadays, everyone can hack your Facebook account easily and we cant found how we can be hacked?

Today we are going to discuss best pentesting tools in 2022. But if you're interested in hacking you can visit my website, on this site you get a lot of content about phishing attack and brute force attack. I explain every single details on my website. 

Best Pentesting Tools

Best Pentesting Toolsfor


One of the best security scanner used in penetration testing. This type of software use to identify or scan your system issues, and developers mostly use netsparker on websites and web applications.

You know why people use this type of tool because, these tools can scan or check multiple networks i just 1 minute. Some of these tools are very quick to create millions of password list in few seconds. Netsparker is the top best pentesting tool ever.


Wireshark, one of the most famous tool. Wireshark used to interpret or capture network packages. Wireshark is the open source tool for Kali Linux and windows. This tool helps you to investigate the smallest detail through the network.


Metaspoit is the most used penetration testing automation tool. Ethical hacker use this best pentesting tools to manage security assessments and setting up a defence. This tool helps you to collect data from at least 1500 exploits. Maybe some people face issue in Chrome browser so must check how to fix back to safety error in Chrome. 


Best pentesting tool to check any web browser. BeEF stands for browser exploitation framework. BeEF is design to find weakness in any system. If you're really interested in ethical hacking, then must read about Splunk cybersecurity Tool.


Recently, I published a video on this topic on my YouTube channel. Aircrack is the best pentesting tool for wireless cracking. Aircrack is used to capture handshake between two wireless devices. Mostly hacker use this tool in Kali Linux to hack any Wi-Fi connection.

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