Access Android Camera Using Termux

Do you know webcam access any webcam and android cam by just using a simple app? When you try this app and use phishing tool to access someone camera, it looks really simple, and your victim did not know anything about it.

Android camera hacking is very simple to do, using termux and Kali Linux app. This website is the best source for hacking. Here you can find the way to hack Facebook account and many more social media account hacks. 

I try my best to upload everything practically, and I make sure to use simple English language, just because of this, everyone can understand what I try to say.

Everyone knows when I publish any video on YouTube, also make a practical video for my subscribers. Because YouTube does not allow this type of content, that's why I upload practical videos on drive.

Access Android Camera Using Termux

Access Android Camera Using Termux

This is a phishing tool that can help us to take pictures of our victim. If you want to use this tool on Kali Linux and you don't have enough space in your PC, then you can use Kali Linux online.

You have to download termux app from play store or you can download it from f-droid app. On f-droid, you get the latest version of termux. When you install the termux app, you have to put some commands to install this tool. Before we proceed to the installation process, you need to know some more information about this phishing tool.

This tool is coded in bash script and this works or reverse social engineering. But the question is, can we use this tool on any other OS. So i said yes, here is the list that can accept this tool and this tool is also tested on all this OS.

Tool Tested on:

  1. Termux 
  2. Kali Linux
  3. Ubuntu
  4. macOS
  5. Parrot

Now you have to put these commands in termux and hit the enter button to install this tool. Remember one thing, camera hacking is not that easy, but phishing attack make it easy for us. Phishing is the only attack that can hack PayPal account easily. If this phishing tool is not work to access android camera, then you can use this tool for camera hacking.


  • $ apt update 
  • $ apt upgrade
  • $ pkg install git -y
  • $ pkg install wget -y
  • $ pkg install openssh
  • $ pkg install php
  • $ git clone
  • $ cd Camphish
  • $ chmod +x *
  • $ bash

When you put the last command, it asks for your host, then you can select ngrok as your host. After that, they generate a ngrok link for your victim. You have to wait for it and enable your mobile hotspot if you see the link is not generated in termux. Well one more thing, do you read my recent article on how to hack WhatsApp account? If No! Go and check out now.

Termux is the only app that can help us for hacking. I know this app is not made for hacking, but we can use it for this kind of thing. Even we can track some location using the termux app. Brute force attack can also be applied using this app.

Back to the topic! When you send the link to your victim and your victim click on it and allow the camera permission, all the images are automatically shows on your termux screen. Now the problem is, how to see captured images from victim. So you need to move these pictures in your mobile by putting a single command.

How to see saved images?

Please use this command to move images from termux to your android mobile. Maybe some people face issue in Chrome browser so must check how to fix back to safety error in Chrome. 

mv imagName.png /sdcard

I know some people paste the same command to move images, but you have to replace image name. When you type ls, you can see all the received images, then copy any image name and replace it with the above command imageName.png. This is what you need to do exactly. But if you're getting confused, then watch my practical video.


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