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As we all know, Splunk for cybersecurity have huge demand in market nowadays, specially in the field of cybersecurity. So I'm writing this article to let you know more about Splunk tool and what is the purpose of using Splunk. So Splunk is an American company that started in 2003.

But Splunk bombing in the market in since 1349 seeing and as per Gartner report also Splunk is a leader coordinator. Splunk is a leader since 7 to 8 years. But if we talk about demand, there is huge demand in Splunk for cybersecurity. Many companies looking for the peoples who are the expert or who are working on the Splunk companies. Many companies are ready to pay if you have knowledge or if you have experience on the Splunk.

Splunk for cybersecurity

Splunk for cybersecurity

What is Splunk?

Splunk is a centralized tool which has the ability to collect real time logs from various devices such as network device, security devices, service applications as well as from any device any machine will generate the data. So we can say that Splunk can receive the logs events from all those machines which generate the data, and it enables you searching and reporting.

So this is what we achieve from the Splunk. So Splunk in cybersecurity is a broadly you're classified, and we can use Splunk for main three purposes. One is data analysis tools and second is data analytics tools and the last one is snsim tools. If we talk about analytics tool we know in the market, any kind of digital devices whatever activity we do it records in the form of logs or in the form of activities.

Which is kind of evidence which reveal that activity happen on the device. So each and every digital devices records their activities in the form of logs, in the form of events. So Splunk can receive those activities logs on it, and you come to know what activity happens on those devices.

You don't need to log in each and every device to understand what happened on those devices. So in data analytics tool, If you talk about Splunk for cybersecurity, Splunk can receive the data from any kind of machine which generate the data.

So Splunk can be used as data as well as an SIM tool. If you talk about SIM tool, SIM stands for security information and management. When initially Splunk has been innovated, Splunk used to use only data tool. Later on, Splunk found that companies are using the similar kind of tools to collect the data and collect the real time logs from network device and all.

Then Splunk thought that we're already collecting the logs from different devices, so let's create a way that can collect the logs from network and security devices as well. So Splunk has another use as an SIM tools that means Splunk now can receive the real time logs from network devices, server applications etc.

Once it will collect the logs, it will normalize the logs in the sense to convert the device's filed set to Splunk defined common filed set and make the logs more readable and more understandable. Once it collects the logs, it keeps the log for a long time.

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