Termux Basic Commands For Beginners | Full List

If you're a termux user, then you have to know about the termux basic commands and why we use these commands in termux. As we know, termux is the best OS for android users, specially for those peoples who are interested in ethical hacking.

Termux is the only app that can help us to track someone location, and we can do many more interesting things in termux just putting some commands in the terminal. Whenever I upload video on my YouTube channel, people ask me why I use cd or ls command? Is it important to run this tool?

I include only basic termux commands, and you have to try it in your termux. If you want to learn something new about termux then you have to practice these commands daily. And if you're interested in ethical hacking, then must read about how to hack a Facebook account.

Termux Basic Commands

Termux Basic Commands

  1. apt update && upgrade

This command is used to update and upgrade termux packages and help us to install latest updates. Whenever you open the termux app, must use this command to update and upgrade your termux. 

Sometime, termux gives some errors just because, you cannot use this command at first. But if you still face this issue in your app it means you download termux app from the play store and this is the wrong step for us. Termux official announce that play store does not have the latest version of termux, so you have to download termux app from the f-droid.

  1. pkg install git

You know why this is the basic commands for termux users? Because this command is used in termux every time when we need to install new tool in termux. Git is the only way to clone tool in your termux without downloading in your PC or mobile.

If you clear your termux data and cache, then you have to install this package first and then your tool will be cloned in the termux app. Otherwise, it shows pkg git not install. 

Not only for git! The above command is used to install all kinds of packages in termux. For example, use this command to install a python package. (pkg install python), (pkg install curl). So basically you have to put the package name and this command automatically install that package in your termux app.

  1. git clone

If you're looking for termux basic commands, then this is the most important command ever. Git clone command help us to clone any tool from the GitHub site. You just need to put git clone and then paste the URL of any tool and your tool will be cloned in your terminal. For example,
git clone https://github.com/toolname.git

  1. ls

This command is used to check files or folders in your directory. Sometimes we forget the name of any file, and then we use ls command to show all files name in any tool or directory. 

  1. cd

cd is known as change directory, when you clone any tool from the GitHub then you have to change directory to run that tool. So this command help us to change directory from one folder to another. This command is also useful to visit your own storage. Just use (cd storage) command and then type (ls) to see which folder you want to visit and everything is appeared in front of you.

  1. termux-setup-storage

If you face permission denied error in the termux then you have to type this command and allow permission. We need this command when we install any bash language tool for phishing attack. You must learn or remember these termux basic commands for the upcoming videos on my channel because I saw many comments about ls and cd commands etc.

  1. rm -rf toolname

If you install many tool in your termux, and you want to uninstall it, then you can use the above command. For example, if you install Brutex tool in termux then you want to remove it then type command like this (rm -rf Brutex), and please ignore these brackets.
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