Hack PUBG & BGMI ID Using Termux

Hack PUBG & BGMI ID Using Termux

Hi Everyone! In this article, I'm going to explain about how to hack any PUBG and BGMI account using phishing attack. Many people already know about phishing attack, but they don't know about working tools that can help us to steal someone email and password. 

As we all know, termux is the best source for mobile users to perform this attack. Kali Linux and other OS can be used on PC and laptop. But we use our android mobile to perform this attack. If you hear termux word for the first time, then must learn about termux basic commands that can helps you improve your hacking skills in termux.

When you create an account on both PUBG and BGMI then most people use their Facebook account to log in to the game. Maybe some of these use phone number or twitter ID to create account on PUBG and BGMI. But the majority are Facebook users so, we can hack Facebook account using termux.

We just have to install a tool in our termux and then perform the attack to hack PUBG ID using termux. So, I have some commands that you can use to install this tool in your termux app. You just copy these commands step b step and paste it in your termux terminal.


  • apt update
  • apt upgrade
  • pkg install git
  • pkg install python
  • pkg install python3
  • git clone https://github.com/KasRoudra/MaxPhisher
  • cd MaxPhisher
  • python3 maxphisher.py

When you put the last command, the maxphisher tool can be executed. This tool is also used to hack free fire account so, if you want to hack someone free fire account then go for it.

After putting the last command, this tool shows many options in front of you. Now you have to select first option and that is 'Login'. In login section, we can get all the templates that can help us to steal information from the different social platforms. These hacks are related to PUBG and BGMi so what if you can apply the PUBG No Recoil File hack to play game.

Hack PUBG & BGMI ID Using Termux

As you can see in this image, 35 option for PUBG and you have to write 35 and hit the enter button then this tool ask for mask URL. If you want to create your own custom URL, then type 'Y' and hit the enter button. For ignoring this option, write 'n' and hit the enter button.

Maybe one question comes in your mind and that is what about BGMI? So, 35 option is both for PUBG and BGMI users. We can use this option to hack PUBG ID using termux. We need login information, so this template help us to get this.

After passing the mask URL option, you have to enable your mobile hotspot to generate the victim link. When this tool generates a link for you, you have to copy and send this link to your victim. When your victim click on that link and submitted his information like, email and password, every single detail is showed on termux.

I just add practical video for you. This video is related to free fire, but you get the idea about how we can run or use this tool. So click on the below button to watch practical video. Must check out White Body File For PUBG.

There are many options in this tool. Use what you want and if you face any issue with this tool you can contact me on Instgram as @masimtech.
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