How To Gain Followers On Instagram Fast For Free


How To Gain Followers On Instagram Fast For Free

How To Gain Followers On Instagram Fast For Free

Hi Everyone! Recently, I publish a video on my YouTube channel regarding the Instagram followers. And on this post you get the practical work like commands and deep instruction of this tool that can help you to gain followers on Instagram fast and free.

If you're looking for how to gain Instagram followers fast for free, then, this post helps you a lot to grow your Instagram followers organically. I know there is a lot of content availible on the Google that can provide information about Instagram followers. 

But we use termux app to increase the followers on IG. If you don't know about termux and you're literally new to this website, let me explain you something. This website (MR ALDARDO) is the best source for ethical hacking and cracking. On this website, you get latest information about tools and crackers.

Termux app is the only app that can hack any Facebook account, and we did a lot of things using this app. But now we're to talk about followers. So you have to install a tool in your termux app and that tool increase your followers on Instagram.

Tool Mechanism:

Every tool works on their mechanism. So when you install this tool, This tool follows some users and unfollow them automatically. Now you think why we need any tool to do this. We can also do this by hand. But this is not possible to repeat this action for long time.

In my recent article, I write about how to hack WhatsApp account using termux, and we can also bypass OTP with the help of termux. There are a lot of tools availible on GitHub that is used to in hacking or pentesting.

But today we use insfollow tool to perform this action. This tool is 100% safe and never collect or save your data. You can delete all the data from the app whenever you want. When you download termux app from the f-droid, then you have to open it.

We require some commands to install this tool in termux. we have to install some important packages and requirements for this tool. Maybe you remember the installation process because it is very similar to the location tracking tool.


  • pkg up -y
  • pkg install openssl-tool
  • pkg install curl
  • pkg install git
  • git clone
  • cd insfollow
  • chmod +x
  • termux-wake-lock
  • bash

So this is the basic commands that is used to install this tool without any single error. But if you face any error, then you can comment on the video. So after putting the last command, your tool will be executed.

Now you have to select option 1 to gain followers on Instagram for free. This tool ask for the login information, and you have to write your username and password. After this, click the enter button. 

Remember one thing, your password will be hide when you try to log in your account in this tool. I was made a video on this same topic and now people commenting, that tool is not work properly. So I decide to make a new video with a new tool.

I always try to make a practical video on every single tool. So if you want a review on any tool then you can suggest me on YouTube or my Instagram. Termux is not just an app, it is an OS for the android users that can help us to do everything. Even you can make android virus using termux app.

So I mentioned almost every thing about this tool and how to gain followers on Instagram fast. But if you think your followers are not increasing with this method, then you can watch the blow video on my YouTube channel.

After watching this video you're able to increase every social media followers, Because that website give you free Instagram followers, Twitter followers, Facebook likes, retweets, website visitors and many more things.

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