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White Body File For PUBG 2.9

White Body File For PUBG 3.0

PUBG Mobile release latest versions with exciting events and recently PUBG mobile announce the lasted update 3.0. In this update we saw latest events, map, mods, and many more things.

In this website I publish content related to the PUBG mobile and many more hacking tricks. If you're interested in hacking, then must read about how to hack PUBG account. This is very easy to learn about hacking because I provide a practical video at the end of every post.

If you already use white body file for PUBG 3.0 then you know everything about the configs. Like how to install the config and how to apply the configs etc. But the main problem is PUBG mobile ban-pan security.

PUBG Mobile update ban-pan security to take strict action against the file and hack users. So this is a compromise situation for the new user. I know PUBG is the most famous battleground game and almost everyone spends money on their accounts.

I just want to mention one more thing about the configs. If you want to use no recoil configs then you can read this post about No Recoil File For PUBG. Trust me, this website is the most updated and active. 

I always provide the latest version as soon as possible. And not only PUBG, you can also get High Damage File for PUBG Lite. Some people use the low-end devices, and they want to enjoy the zero recoil hacks, that's why I provide these hacks on PUBG Lite.

Let's talk about white body file for PUBG 3.0. So after the new update, the old files are not in working phase you have to replace them with new and updated files. Maybe you already know the process to apply this file but after the new update, applying process is totally changed.

I remember when I use the old version of PUBG Mobile, I use OBB file but this time PUBG security has been updated, and they track your activity if you change any file location in your internal storage.

So what we do? How we can use white body file for PUBG? Hmm! solution is, We create a Paks file for you. And this file helps you to activate the white body hack in your account and to can check out the applying process below.

Applying process of white body file for PUBG

  • Open Android Folder.
  • Go to data Folder.
  • Open com.tencent.ig Folder.
  • Go to files.
  • Open UE4Game.
  • Open ShadowTrackerExtra.
  • Again ShadowTrackerExtra.
  • Open Saved Folder.
  • Go to Paks Folder.
  • Paste Copied File.

In the recent article, I mentioned No Recoil File For BGMI. Yes, If you're BGMI player and wants any hacks on BGMI then you can check out the BGMI No recoil post on my website. If you face any trouble to file BGMI post, then use the search icon to file BGMI related posts on this website.

I hope the above option for applying process is easily to understand for all the file users. But if you face any issue to understand these options, then I can explain more for you.

To use white body file for PUBG 3.0 you have to download the file and extract it. Many people think I place a password on the file, but this is not true. I always give you the config without any password protection.

So when you click on the click, it can be extracted without any password. Now you have to copy the paks file and go to the internal storage of your mobile. In the internal storage, open the android folder and then go so on as I mention in the above steps.

Every time when I open social media, I saw there is a competition between PUBG and free fire players. In my case, I love both of them. So if I write content about the PUBG and BGMI then it's my job to publish some hacks on free fire. So if you're a free fire player, then must check out the latest file of Auto Headshot & Aim Lock file for Free Fire.

White body file for PUBG 3.0 is the secure file but if you spend money on your account then I suggest you to create new account and then apply this file to play PUBG. This is anti-ban file but if someone suspect you & report your account then may be PUBG security check your recent activity.

One more thing, people use my file and thought that this file has multiple hacks, that is totally wrong. If I make config with multiple features, then the chance of getting banned from PUBG security will be increased.

So if you download this file from my website then must remember this is only white body file for PUBG and there is no any other hack in this file. If you want more hacks, and you like ethical hacking, so, this website is the best source to learn more about hacking and cracking.

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