How To Get Canva Premium For Free Lifetime - 2023

How To Get Canva Premium For Free Lifetime
How To Get Canva Premium For Free Lifetime

How To Get Canva Premium For Free Lifetime

Canva is the best online platform which allow users to make designs and logos without any cost. In today's article, I will tell you how we can use Canva software, apart from this, I am also going to give you a premium account of Canva.

You can create a cool poster for your business using Canva. You can create a cool logo for your company. I have seen millions of freelancers who have made millions of dollars using Canva software.

Canva is a platform where you can create almost every type of design, you can create a Design in a few minutes. But how to get Canva premium account for free lifetime? Canva is a free platform, if you visit the website of Canva, then you can do many things just after signing in there.

But like every platform, Canva platform is doing business. That is, if on one hand it gives free access to the user, then on the other hand it also asks for subscription of premium account from its user.

If you make a video on YouTube that how Canva premium account can be used, then YouTube removes your video from the platform. So today I am going to tell you all the details on my website and hope that this detail will be very useful for you and Canva lifetime will be free for you.

Get Canva Premium For Free

As you know that you will find all the crack software on my website, so today I am going to give you the crack version of Canva. All the websites on Google give you email and password, and such accounts do not useful and expire soon.

I am going to give you the cookies of Canva. After applying, you will be able to use all the premium features of Canva for free. So this is the main process about how to get Canva account for free lifetime. If you do not know how to set cookies on a Canva account, then I will tell you a step-by-step process.

Download Now

Apply Canva Cookies

  • Download Cookies.
  • Open and copy code.
  • Go to Chrome web store.
  • Search cookies editor.
  • Add first extension in chrome.
  • Go to Canva website.
  • Click on Cookie editor extension.
  • Click on Import Cookie Button.
  • Paste copied code.
  • Refresh Canva website.

If you follow all the steps given above, then you can activate your account. But if you still do not understand, then I will explain to you in a little more detail.

As soon as you download Canva cookies, after downloading it, you have to open that file and copy all the code. Then go to the Chrome web store to download the cookie editor extension. When you search about extension, you will get many extensions, but you have to add the first extension in Chrome.

Inside the new tab, you have to open the official website of Canva, after opening it, you have to click on the cookie editor extension. When the extension will open, there you will see an import option, you have to click on that button to get Canva premium for free lifetime.

As soon as you click on the import button, a new section will open where you have to paste the copied code and click on the import button. After completing all these steps, you have to refresh the official website of Canva once and your premium Canva account will be opened.

This account which I have just got you log in, you can use this account for lifetime, you should never pay anything while using this account. If you are facing any problem in login this account, you can dm me on my Instagram @masimtech.
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