Install Phoenix Tool in Termux - All Commands

Install Phoenix Tool in Termux

Install Phoenix Tool in Termux

In today's article, I will tell you about a unique tool, with the help of this tool we can easily hack any social media account. Even before this I have told many tools on my website, you can check all those tools by visiting my website.

Phoenix is a tool that works on reverse social media engineering and can hack anyone's social media password and email. We are going to need an application to install the tool, so if you have not heard about the termux application, then you can download this application from the Play Store.

Termux is such an application that hacker uses for pentesting. You will find many tools on GitHub that you can use in the termux application. All these things are absolutely free, all the tools will be available to you for free at the GitHub. This is also an easy way to install phoenix tool in termux.

I have seen a lot of people on Google who search how we can hack someone's account, but on Google those people can't find such information which can tell you exactly how we can hack someone's account.

But if you are a daily visitor of my website, then you will notice that whatever things are told on my website is exact information and I provide practical videos along with information to you. If you are interested in hacking, then definitely read your interested post in the link given below.

To install this tool, we need some commands, I am giving you all commands below, you have to copy and paste the command in termux application. Before starting hacking, it is necessary that you should have knowledge about hacking.

While teaching ethical hacking, I have tried my best to start teaching you all the things from the basic level. But still some people cannot understand, so I also attach a link of practical video at the end of every article. Now let's talk about how to install phoenix tool in termux.


  • pkg update
  • pkg upgrade
  • pkg install git wget php
  • git clone
  • cd Phoenix
  • chmod +x setup
  • ./setup

The best thing about the tool is that you will get more than 45 phishing templates, using which you can hack any social media account. This tool has been coded in bash script.

Availible Phishing Pages

As you can learn how to install phoenix tool in termux. Now you have to know about the attacks that you can perform with this tool. I give you all the templates that are availible in this tool.

  1. Adobe
  2. Android pattern
  3. Badoo
  4. Cc
  5. Crypto
  6. Dropbox
  7. Ebay
  8. Facebook
  9. fb_advanced
  10. fb_messenger
  11. fb_security
  12. filelist.txt
  13. Free fire
  14. G drive
  15. GitHub
  16. GitLab
  17. Google
  18. iCloud
  19. ig_followers
  20. ig_verify
  21. Instagram
  22. LinkedIn
  23. Mediafire
  24. Microsoft
  25. Near you
  26. Netflix
  27. Origin
  28. PayPal
  29. Pinterest
  30. PlayStation
  31. Pornhub
  32. Protonmail
  33. Quora
  34. Reddit
  35. Shopify
  36. Snapchat
  37. Spotify
  38. Stack overflow
  39. Steam
  40. Twitch
  41. Twitter
  42. VK
  43. Wi-Fi
  44. Wifi2
  45. WordPress
  46. Xbox
  47. Yahoo
  48. Yandex

If you do not have an Android mobile, and you cannot install phoenix tool in termux application on your Android mobile, then I am going to tell you some commands which can also be used on your laptop or computer. These commands can be used on Kali Linux, Parrot and Debian.

  • apt update
  • apt install php wget
  • git clone
  • cd Phoenix
  • chmod +x setup
  • sudo ./setup
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