How to install CamHacker Tool in Termux


How to install CamHacker Tool in Termux

How to install CamHacker Tool in Termux?

From the above image, you get the main idea of this article. Yes, we are covering the most advance tool for the android camera. Using this tool, you can easily hack someone front camera just by send a link to your victim.

In the recent article we cover the phishing tool that is used to hack Facebook account and this tool is used to hack any android camera. But the question is, how to install camhacker tool in termux and how to use it?

Description of this tool:

Camhacker is the phishing tool. When you execute the tool, it will generate a victim link for you. And you have to copy that link and send it to your target.

When your target opens the link and allows the camera permission, his/her photos will be captured and send it to you. When you received the images, then you can easily move the images from termux to your mobile gallery.

Related Tools:

If you face any error in this tool, and you think this tool is not working properly in your termux then you can try the below tools. These tools can also be used to hack android cameras.

Features of this tool:

  1. Get Victim location
  2. Get Victim IP
  3. Error Diagnosed
  4. Save Images in Gallery
  5. Three templates
  6. Argument Support for template
  7. Get device information

I have a suggestion for you. Do not use Opera Mini browser. You need to use a good browser like chrome, Mozilla, brave to get images captured. This tool is for non-rooted termux, to mean that we do not need to create fake root in termux for using this tool.


  • apt update
  • apt upgrade
  • pkg install git
  • pkg install php
  • pkg install wget
  • pkg install curl
  • pkg install unzip
  • termux-setup-storage
  • git clone
  • cd CamHacker
  • bash

After putting the last command, the tool start downloading the required packages. You have to wait for some time until all the downloading can be completing.

After that, this tool asks for the ngrok token. Well, I want to clear one thing, ngrok token is the most important part of this tool. If you remember, we use the ngrok token in our WhatsApp hacking tool. As same, we copy the ngrok token.

But if you're totally new and don't know where we get the ngrok token, then follow the below steps to copy the ngrok token successfully without any interruption.

How to get Ngrok Token?

  • Go to
  • Signup with your Google account
  • Go to the authtoken section
  • Copy the ngrok token

Copy ngrok tool and paste it in the termux. After applying the ngrok maybe this tool ask for the update. So I recommend you to not update the tool. Because after updating, this tool hides some significant features like ngrok link creation etc.

I hope you clear everything about how to install camhacker tool in termux. After doing all of these things, the victim link is appeared in front of you. Copy the link and send it to your girlfriend. When she opened the link, the front camera of her mobile will capture the photos and send it to you.

How to see captured photos?

When you received the images, you can't open it on the termux app. Yes! you have to move them in your android phone to see them, so you can follow my instruction very carefully, otherwise you're unable to see the images.

Remember one thing, your images will be saved in PNG or JPG format. Look to the below example for the better understanding of moving photos in your gallery.

For example the two images are captured and the name of these two images are: (pic1.png, pic2.png)

So how you can move these two photos in your mobile gallery? You have to put command mv(used to move files) and then write the image name. Just see the below example.

mv pic1.png pic2.png /sdcard

If you received multiple photos, and you want to move all of them at once, then put the name one by one of the images before /sdcard.

I know my YouTube subscribe always face issue with the tools and I really love them, so I make another video that can show you how to use this tool and perform this attack practically.


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