Best Termux Tools For Ethical Hacking in 2023


Termux Tools

People use termux tools for the ethical hacking and these tools can help you a lot, in your cybersecurity career. When you search anything on GitHub, you get a lot of tools regarding everything.

Yes, this is totally true. You have to add GitHub at the end of any tool name. For example, if I'm searching for the Gmail Hacking tool, then I search “Gmail hack GitHub”. So google shortlist all the GitHub tools in top results.

What is Termux?

Termux is the best OS for the android users and termux is the only app that can help us to run GitHub programs on android. We can easily execute the termux tools on this app. This app can be used as a pentester, but many people use the app illegally.

What is Termux Tools?

If you explore the GitHub site then you discover many tools and many of them can be executed on termux. For example, on this website I review many phishing tools. So these tools can be used on both termux and Kali Linux.

In this article, we cover the best termux tools in 2023. But we install only one tool that have all of these tools. Which means we are going to install All in One tool in termux. It includes many social media hacking tools and even location tracking tools.

To install this tool in termux, You have to put these commands one by one in termux and hit the enter button. Make sure to copy the full command because, many people ask they face 'directory not found' error in termux.


  • apt update
  • apt upgrade
  • pkg install git
  • git clone
  • cd Tool-X
  • chmod +x install.aex
  • sh install.aex

Listen carefully, When you put the last command it takes some time to install all the dependencies. When everything is done, now close the termux app. 

Open termux app again and type Tool-X in your terminal and hit the enter button. Check the image below to see the new interface of these termux tools setup.


So basically there are three major options in this tool. If you select 0 then, Tool X install all the GitHub tools in your termux. But if you want to install some selective tools, then choose 1 for showing all termux tools.

This tool has been updated, before update this tool has almost 500+ tools but know the admin of this script remove the non-working tools. So when you select 1, You can install any tools from them by putting the tool name.


Well, I attached a Screenshot of these tools for your better understanding. Even I have a practical video for YouTube subscribers. So you can watch a proper practical video on this tool.

This tool is only for educational purposes. Never misuse this tool to harm someone property because this is totally illegal.
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