How to Install Ghost-Track Tool in Termux


How to Install Ghost-Track Tool in Termux

How to Install Ghost-Track Tool in Termux?

Once again, I'm back with another termux tool. This tool is very useful to track location and mobile number. On the above image, you have clearly seen the given options, and you have to choose anyone of these.

Let's discuss these four options in more detail. And if you're a termux user, then must try our best tool for ethical hacking. This tool has almost 17+ GitHub tools in the directory.

IP Tracker: 

If you want to use this option, then you have an IP address of your victim. This feature can only track IP address and gives you the exact location and time period of that IP.

But if you don't know, how to get Someone IP address then watch seeker tool video on YouTube. This video is related about location tracking and how to get someone IP address.

Show your IP:

This option is only for you. If you install this tool and want to test it, then select option two and get your local IP address. After you were getting the IP address, then go and check the option 1 for IP address tracking.

Phone Tracker:

As you know from the name itself, this tool is related to the phone tracking. You can track any phone number with this tool. There is no country limit, You get all data from any number. 

But remember one thing, you have to put country code first before your phone number. If you direct put your local number, this option will not work properly.

Username Tracker:

This feature helps you find any username from the internet. You have to type the username and hit the enter button. So this tool automatically extract all the information about that username from the internet.

You need some commands to install Ghost track tool in termux. So copy the bellow commands one by one and paste in termux app.

Commands for Termux

  • apt update
  • apt upgrade
  • pkg install git
  • pkg install python
  • pkg install python3
  • git clone
  • cd GhostTrack
  • pip3 install -r requirements.txt
  • python3

These are the basic commands to install this tool in termux. I think this is the best information gathering tool also because it helps to track location and IP information. Now I hope you understand everything about how to install ghost track tool in termux.

But if you require any further help, then comment below this article. I try my best to give you latest termux tools but sometimes my subscribes confused, when they try to install it. 

So I have a practical video for those people who don't understand the installation process of this tool. Click on the below button to watch practical Video.

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