Install T-Phisher Tool in Termux - Best Phishing Tool

Install T-Phisher Tool in Termux

Install T-Phisher Tool in Termux

Here are the beginners friendly automated phishing tool with 30+ templates that can be used to perform phishing attack. This tool is very similar to the 69phisher tool for termux. 

T-phisher tool for termux, is very easy to use. If you're new to termux and don't have any knowledge about the termux app, then don't worry, I'm here to tell you everything in very detail. 

As I mentioned, some options in the above image. And everyone wants these hacks. Well! this tool provides you all the above features, and you can easily perform the phishing attack using this t-phisher tool.

Features of T-Phisher

T-phisher tool has a lot of features. First thing, you get the latest and updated login pages of all the given templates. This is the most important thing in any phishing tool. If the login pages are not updated, everyone can identify that it's a phishing page.

The second feature is “Mask URL Support”. IF you think your link length is more than you need, then you can mask your URL with the help of this tool. This option change your URL to any form.

The third feature is “Beginners Friendly” Many people ask me about the basic commands of termux, means that they don't have any knowledge about this app. But this tool is very friendly to use and everyone can use this tool without any error.

The fourth and most significant feature is “Tunneling options”. This feature give you the permission to use multiple hosts. You can use Local Host, Ngrok, Cloud Flare. Well! if you're interested in termux tools, then must check out this Gmail hacking tool.

Commands For Termux

  1. apt update
  2. apt upgrade
  3. pkg install git
  4. pkg install php
  5. pkg install wget
  6. pkg install curl
  7. git clone
  8. cd tphisher
  9. bash

Make sure to install all the above dependencies and that's it, tphisher tool is installed. Now the tool interface appeared in front of you. So you have to select the template to generate the link.

In my case, I select the Facebook or Instagram template. But you can select any of these. After selecting the template, hit the enter button.

Then the tool ask for port service. So you have to select the third option, which is cloud flare.

After some time, the, the victim link is generated. Copy that link and send it to your victim. As soon your victim put the required information on the phishing link, all the submitted information send to you.

This is how phishing attack works. Many subscribers ask for the brute force attack, but I think the phishing attack is more powerful and quick attack than the brute force attack. Because in brute force you need a very powerful word list, and then you can perform that attack.

And the brute force attack is very time-consuming. Because brute force tools try millions of combinations of passwords on that particular account to unlock it. You can watch the practical video of this tool, just click on the below button to watch full video.

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