Best Facebook Cloning Tool For Termux


Facebook Cloning Tool For Termux

Facebook Cloning Tool For Termux

We are back again, I know I'm not active on my social handle, but I try my best to give you the best content on time. You all know that our website is related to the hacking, and we provide the best content on ethical hacking with practical video.

In this article, I'm going to tell you the best Facebook cloning tool for Termux. This tool can clone unlimited Pakistani Facebook account. You have to choose the number format and the tool will clone all the account accordingly to the given format.

If you're interested in Termux tools, then must try T-Phisher tool for Termux. This tool can hack every social media account with in seconds. All the tools i have mentioned on this website are only for educational purposes. Please don't misuse of these tools.

We need some commands to install this tool in Termux. I give you the all commands but make sure to do only copy and paste work because, When you try to put it manually, maybe you make a mistake in commands.

What is Facebook Cloning?

In the simple way people think cloning means to create the same looking account, but in the term of hacking this is not what you're thinking. 

Hackers used some tools that can automatically fetch data of phone numbers and the Facebook accounts. These types of tools are available on the GitHub. Possibly some tools are paid, but they all are working very properly to clone any account.

Facebook cloning tools for Termux are usually worked on the base of word list. In this tool you have to select the number format and choose the word list and this tool can crack all the accounts if they have a poos password.

Yes! In simple words, cloning means to crack Facebook accounts with the poor passwords. You can use own word list or by default tool word list. 


There are some basic requirements for this tool. First you have Termux application, make sure to download Termux app from f-droid. 

Use high speed internet data or Wi-Fi. Slower internet connection makes the loading more poor. 

Commands for Termux:

  • apt update
  • apt upgrade -y
  • pkg install git -y
  • pkg install python
  • pkg install python2
  • termux-setup-storage
  • git clone
  • cd pakcrack
  • python2

After putting the last command, the Facebook cloning tool for Termux will start. But maybe this tool ask for the username and password. Please use the below username and password to log in to this tool.

Username: cra3k
Password: htrtech

Ok, so these are the basic things in this tool. For more information about the Termux tools, you can visit the website. After username and password you have to select the password length, for example, If you want to crack a Facebook account with 7 digit password then choose 7.

This tool start cracking passwords with the 7 digit password. Make sure to open the Termux screen if you close the Termux terminal, the tool will stop working. 

The second thing this task may take some time so be patient while using this tool. All the OK and Checkpoint accounts are showing in the Termux. Try any VPN and Proxy to log in the checkpoint accounts.

If you still have many questions about this tool, and you don't understand how to run this tool, then click on the below button to watch the full practical video on this tool. 

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